You are fired!

2016 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Night 1 - Show

On September 20, Bono, U2 singer was interviewed by Charlie Rose. During the hour interview, he told Rose:

“America is like the best idea the world ever came up with, but Donald Trump is potentially the worst idea that ever happened to America,” he told Rose. “[He] could destroy it, because of what we’re saying. America is not just a country. … American is an idea, and that idea is banded up in justice and equality for all”.

Three days after the interview took place the Irish band had a performance in Las Vegas, US.  During the concert while the band was interpreting their song “Desire” as Bono sang about the “preachers stealing hearts in a traveling show” and “promises in the year of election” huge American flags adorned the jumbo screens behind the band, and then the face of Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for president of the United States, appeared, while fake “Trump dollar” bills dropped from the ceiling onto the sold-out 20,000-strong crowd. (“What do you have to lose”, 2016).

Not sure if you know that U2 is a political band. A band that fights for the freedom of others who can’t do it themselves. Or who saves the lives of thousands with their humanitarian efforts.

But the attacks against the candidate Trump didn’t finish on Las Vegas concert, on Wednesday 5 of October during a concert in San Francisco, Bono faked a dialogue with the Republican candidate that had the crowd of thousands screaming support.

San Francisco Chronicle, reported the concert in his Politics & Policy section, in there they transcribed the dialogue between the candidate Trump and Bono.

“Now, candidate, you understand it’s not just Mexican people who are going to have a problem with this plan of yours. It’s everyone who loves the idea of America. Like the Irish, for example. Or the French. Or the Brazilians. Everyone who loves the idea of America. Everyone who believes what they read at the foot of the bottom of the Statue of Liberty.”

Then, as the crowd roared its support, Bono yelled:

“These guys have a message for you: You’re fired!”


This was viral, people who attended the concert applaud Bono in the different social media platforms:

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff supported U2’s message in a tweet: “Incredible & riveting political statement as @u2’s Bono creates a pseudo conversation with @realDonaldTrump in a surprise set at Dreamfest!”

“#Bono vs #Trump at #DF16. Feeling proud to work @salesforce who give a chance to those types of initiatives,” tweeted Olivier Girard.

“Slay him Bono,” another person tweeted.

I don’t know where is going to take place U2’s next concert in US, but I am looking forward to watch what Bono has prepared for Trump on it. I hope there will be a concert before the elections.

And also more people is writing blogs about it. Also here’s the full transcript Alan Crop’s blog 


What do you have to lose. (2016). Retrieved from


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