Be trendy or not?

I am a happy, desperate, grumpy owner of an IPhone 5s. Happy because I can check my Facebook, post photos on Instagram and chat with my friends and family all the time, even when I’m not at home. Desperate and grumpy because since the last 4 months or maybe more my iPhone started to act funny.  Sometimes I can’t unlock the screen, or it just turns off while I am trying to snap the best selfie. Also because the screen gets frozen for a long time and I can’t check or do anything on it. The only solution to some of my iPhone troubles is to restart it and wait.


Rumors about the release of the new iPhone started a long time ago, and with them, I started to have the feeling I need an upgrade for mine.

I decided if I am going to expend a grand in a phone I need to know all about it.  So I started to check and follow all the news about the Apple’s event where the new iPhone features will be revealed to people.

On August 30 Stuff NZ published an article wrote by Hayley Tsukayama

“In the past, Apple’s alternated between offering major updates for the iPhone and smaller, more incremental updates. According to that schedule, Apple should be offering a significant update to the iPhone this year, and call it the ‘iPhone 7′”.

When I read this I thought ‘Oh my God! A lighter and smaller phone, with lots of new updates, maybe waterproof, as I’m so afraid of my phone falling into the toilet’.

On September 7, Chirs Keall from NBR wrote:

“One analyst says the new model will also get IPX7 waterproofing (that is the same as the Apple Watch and the ill-fated Samsung Galaxy Note 7.”


After reading this my expectations grew up! I can take photos while swimming, be in the rain with my phone and also take it with me when I go to the loo. However, not everything in the article was good news. The article also says that Apple may take off the headphones jack. ‘It can’t happen I thought’ I bought a beautiful Bose headphones not long ago, so it means I won’t be able to use them anymore, and because all is a business for Apple they will sell the adaptor meaning more money to spend on my upgrade.

On September 7, Apple’s event day the new iPhone 7 was revealed. I read in the guardian and article from Samuel Gibbs:

“Apple has unveiled the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, its next-generation smartphones, which have a similar aluminium look but now waterproof with new insides, new pressure-sensitive home button, new dual-camera features and no headphone socket”.

Wohoo! A waterproof phone, with a better camera! Who cares about the headphone jack, let’s the selfies on the water start! In spite of this blogger are calling the future buyers consumerists!


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