Poké what?

After what appears to be a long wait for many, July 2016 was finally the month the world got to see the one game that has taken over people’s lives, regardless of age and gender.

What I know about this game is, firstly you need to download the Pokémon Go app on your smartphone or electronic device and try to capture little creatures as they appear on your screen, and you need to be outdoors and walking around to find them. Then with a “poke ball” the little thing can be caught so the player can then gain experience points that can be used to power up the Pokémon and evolve them. The ultimate goal of the game is to capture all 150 Pokémon, effectively compiling a comprehensive list of Pokémon on the phone or electronic device.


Thanks to the app, the percentage of people going outdoors has risen throughout July 2016, lots of them going to the main parks, beaches and attraction sites where the Pokémon can be found.  Is very easy to recognise these people because they are virtually stuck to their phones while walking in small or big groups. Since the app released, it seems like the users are somehow being friendly and active. However, this can be a positive effect I find from the game, I am still thinking that is not necessary to have it in order to be an active or friendly person. I think there are better ways to be social like join a club (book club, language club, sports.) and some of them will give you more opportunities to share with people compared with Pokémon Go where you are only interested in what is happening to your phone or device.


Meanwhile, police are calling for people to be more careful while playing Pokémon Go, signs like “Don’t Pokémon and drive” are now on the highways; car accidents have been reported in some countries like Australia, Japan and US. Also,some people have been robbed while looking for the little creatures in an unsafe neighbourhood, and also there was a report where some girls were offered to be taken by a stranger to places where they can find a ‘high-level Pokémon’ and ended up being harassed.


I feel good I’m not the only person who thinks this is a wrong way to find fun outdoors, in this blog  the author explains how wrong the Pokemon players are going out to play on a phone instead or being enjoying the beauty of the places they go to chase the little monsters.

I understand phones are taking out people’s attention; there are lots of apps and social media to look at. But since I am not a game player, and the few social apps I use, (Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp) are enough for me, becoming a Pokémon Go App user is highly unlikely. I Don’t want to be around the streets looking like a zombie while chasing little monsters that I briefly know, I am not interested in training them, have battles or be part of a virtual colour team. So, no, no, no! I won’t  Poké and Go anywhere.



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